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Environmental / Pollution Liability Insurance

Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department (EPD) have Import and Export of Waste Control in place. Whether you are a logistics company that transfer the waste from one place to another or company that has their own processing facility, EPD requires, amount other things, an Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance.


Our Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance protects first and third-party environmental liabilities.  It provides cover of remediation costs for pollution on, at, or emanating from insured locations with coverage for legal defense expenses for any claims covered under the policy.   We can provide  coverage multinational risk exposures.

The Highlight of the coverage includes:

  • Liability for third-party bodily injury, property damage.
  • Indemnity for clean-up costs, incurred by the insured in relation to such third-party claims

To learn more about our Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance and how it can safeguard your company, please feel free to contact us.