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Education Bureau in Hong Kong advised all school to seriously consider the need for obtaining adequate insurance to cover accidents and injuries to students and other persons. This is a very good advice.


Let’s face it, an accident happens. Misfortune and Tragedy can and will happen when you least expected it. It is a school’s worst nightmare to have student suffer an accident in school or during any school arrangement activity.

The key to our tailor coverage on Group Personal Accident Insurance includes:

  • 1) Cover applies whilst the Insured Person is participating in &/or attending the specified insured event arranged by the Policyholder.
  • 2) Cover commences when the Insured Person leaves their place of residence to the appointed meeting place or two (2) hours before the Insured Person arrives at the appointed meeting place for the purpose of participating in the insured event whichever last occurs and ceases when the Insured Person arrives at their place of residence or two (2) hours after the end of the event or when the Insured Person ceases participating in the event, whichever first occurs.
  • 3) Indemnity for Accidental Death
  • 4) Additional Indemnity for Public Conveyance or Innocent Victim in Armed Robbery
  • 5) Indemnity Major Burns
  • 6) Indemnity for Total Disablement and Temporary Partial Disablement
  • 7) Other tailor-made coverage

Our Group Personal Accident Insurance is not just for the school. Parent Teacher Association (which are normally not covered under the school’s policy) can purchase their own coverage as well.

To learn more about our Group Personal Accident Insurance and how it can safeguard the school and you, please feel free to contact us.