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Cyber Liability Insurance / Internet Liability Insurance

Risk is now GLOBAL!


Clients are more aware of the privacy of their personal data. They depend on you to keep their data “safe”.

But it is not easy, isn’t it?

For the internet related industry, whether you are a web site developers, APPs developers, Storage & Hosting service or a web page owner that collect a lot of personal data. Your risk increase each time your number of users increase. As your service became accessible by the internet, the risk you face no longer confines to your local country. Risk is now GLOBAL!

In this age where almost all data are stored in digital format. Malicious “Black Hat” hackers is making use of every opportunities to damage your site and to steal valuable data. Some do it for fun or gain respect from their circle. Worst yet, not every incident is cause by purposeful intend. Staff misplacing USB that contains client’s information, confidential documents release unintentionally by email… all these are becoming more frequent. Even the best of risk management team are having trouble keeping up.

The consequences of data lost are dire: Newspaper are more than willing to blow things out of proportion. People will sue for their privacy being violated or identity stolen; copyright and intellectual property out in the open (or worst, fallen in the hands of competitors). Fines, law suits, ruin of company’s reputations are just a few of the damages a company will face.

Even insurance like Professional Indemnity Insurance, Crime Insurance or Extortion Insurance might have gaps that leaves you without coverage.

In this day and age, what you need is an insurance are SPECIFICALLY tailored to coverage your risk in the Cyber world.

Cyber Liability Insurance / Internet Liability Insurance is the key!


Our Internet Liability Insurance is a comprehensive risk management solution for companies that are at risk. Our basic coverage already includes:

Personal Data Liability:

Provides Breach of personal information/data protection

Corporate Data Liability:

Provides Breach of corporate information protection.

Liability by Outsourcing:

Provides Breach of data protection by an Outsourcer where the data user or policyholder is legally liable.

Data Security:

Protects your company against Damage resulting from any breach of duty that ends in:

• Contamination by the malicious code of third-party data

• Improper or wrongful Denial of assessing by an authorized third party to data

• The Theft of an access code from premises, computer system, or employees

• The destruction mortification corruption damage or deletion of data stored on any computer system

• Unauthorized Access, use or transmission of an malicious code against the third party due to a breach of data security

• The physical theft of hardware

• Data disclosure due to a breach of data security


Defense cost:

Covering BOTH civil and criminal, including defense cost in respect of any regulatory investigation or criminal prosecution bought by a public authority.

We all know about the cyber risk. The threats are evident in all the news reports

A careless employee who lose their device that results in the breach of sensitive data of the clients. Cybercriminals the hacks, phishers and ransoms in order to steal your money.  New privacy laws that come into effect around the globe that a company might fall under their regulation without being aware of it.

Let’s face it, even the most resourceful company feel unprepared for the rapidly changing cyber risk. It had become the new facts of life – both on the security issue and the cyber liability side of it. That’s why you need Cyber Liability Insurance.

The highlight of what our Cyber Liability Insurance will cover:

  • 1) Worldwide 24/7 incident response: Why face the incident alone when our Cyber Liability Insurance can let you have access to cyber response team help you tackle the threat.
  • 2) Cyber Liability Insurance covers the liability arising from data breach events.
  • 3) Expert forensic support to determine what’s been affected, how can it be contained/repaired/ restored are call covered under Cyber Liability Insurance.
  • 4) Cyber Liability Insurance covers insurable fines and penalties by a data protection regulator.
  • 5) Notification cost, Crisis communications, and reputational mitigation expenses are covered in our Cyber Liability Insurance.
  • 6) Defense cost is covered under our Cyber Liability Insurance.
  • The above are just some of the protection you will receive when your purchase our Cyber Liability Insurance. We tailor our coverage to the need for organizations of all sizes.

To learn more about our Cyber Liability Insurance and how it can safeguard your company, please contact us.