Cargo Insurance and Inland Transit Insurance ex. Hong Kong

You knew there was a risk when your product left your factory.

You heard the stories about what can happen while transporting your goods from factory to the port: car accident, theft, highway robbery, and the container truck that vanished into thin air with the container in toll (it is a true story, I know because it was our case!)

You watched the news about jettison of container during storm, ships capsizing due to bad weather or human error, and hijacking of container vessels.

If you are a super rich company, a risk like that might just hurt your profit margin. But if you were depending on this shipment to generate cash flow, risk like this can sink your company. With so much at stake, who can help you to manage your risk?

Grand Trust Underwriters is here to help.

Since 1976, Grand Trust Underwriters had been one of the market leaders in providing cargo and inland transit insurance coverage to clients from a variety of different backgrounds.

We represents two of the world’s largest insurers: ACE Insurance Limited and AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited. With their vast global network of operations over 160 countries and jurisdiction, we can provide you with the speediest loss adjusting service and specialist support. Our cargo insurance for Hong Kong based organisations is second to none in terms of prompt administration, processing and communication.

Our inland transit and cargo insurance coverage includes goods in transit and export by ships, aircraft, cars, trains and other conveyances. Whether you are moving your cargo internationally or domestically, we can tailor the coverage to your needs.

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