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AIG Freight Forwarder Liability Insurance
Scope Of Cover


Freight Forwarder Liability Insurance (“FFL”) provides covers for you against legal or contractual liability arisen under the Relevant Laws &
Regulations whilst you are in the provision of services under the Relevant Trades in the insured territorial limit including expenses incurred therefor and
other contingencies including but limited to:


– Liability for damage to cargo

– General Average or Salvage contribution

– Liability for Errors & Omissions and Fines & Duty to customs authority

– Liability towards third party and the related:

  • Legal expenses / Mitigation cost / Debris removal cost
  • – Uncollected cargo Cost

Main Exclusions for Freight Forwarder Liability Insurance

Excluded Properties:

  • – Money, coins in any form
  • – Livestock, blood stock, living or creatures in any form
  • – Precious metals, precious or semi-precious stones
  • – Self-propelled vehicles in any form whilst it is moved by its own power or on tow during the course of transit except it is transported as
    non-mobilized cargo
  • – Property owned, hired by, leased, loaned to the Insured

Other Exclusions:

  • – Confiscation by Authority
  • – Defamation, libel & slander
  • – Financial risks
  • – Inventory shrinkage, unexplained loss
  • – Duty, tax, penalty, fines
  • – Loss of life or bodily injury unless otherwise insured (except for insured under third party liability)
  • – Guarantee
  • – Pollution and contamination
  • – Punitive or exemplary damage
  • – Reckless or dishonest conduct of the Insured
  • – Wrongful release of cargo (except for insured under Errors & Omissions)

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